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Fixe Volume Eyelash Extension Training Course

Fixe Volume Eyelash Extension Training Course

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Let me tell you a secret: Volume Artists are able to charge 30-60% more per set!

Our Curriculum will not only give you the skills to be the BEST Volume Lash Artist in the industry,  we will teach you how to set up your space, fill your calendar, and set your prices so you can earn what you are really worth!

 ***Please note: Before taking the Volume Master Class Online Training and Certification - you are required to be Classic Lash Certified.***


frequently Asked Questions:

Is A Volume Kit Included

This purchase is for the Online Volume Lash Course Only - no products included.  You will have the option to purchase the Premium Volume Kit at a discounted price at check out or the Volume Restock Kit when you are ready to replenish your supplies :)

There Are Cheaper Courses Out There, What Makes Fixe Better?

We do not cut corners. When courses are cheaper it's often because they cut down on the amount of in class training time or the products that you receive in your kit so you'll end up spending that money anyway, either by taking additional training classic or buying additional products to get your started. Good Training isn't cheap and cheap training isn't good.

What Does It Mean That You Are Accredited?

Our curriculum has been approved and achieved accreditation by the National Association of Lash Artists. We are one of only a handful of Academy's in the country that have this elite status. This is important for you because it means that you are being trained by a recognized business and approved curriculum. If you take your course from an unaccredited company you run the risk of not being able to purchase products, work in certain salons, and having your certificate not be recognized.

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