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Fixe Premium Classic Lash Extension Kit

Fixe Premium Classic Lash Extension Kit

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The Premium Classic Lash Extension Kit from Fixe Beauty includes everything you’ll need to provide gorgeous Classic Lash looks on 25-30 clients! All of your lashing essentials are encompassed in this lash kit with 4 trays of Premium Classic Lashes, 2 sets of Premium Tweezers, Fixated Adhesives, Flocks, Wands and much more! These amazing products all come in a Fixe Beauty cosmetic bag to keep them organized and compact. Provide a luxurious lash experience with the Premium Classic Lash Kit from Fixe Beauty.

 Premium Classic Lash Kit includes:

  • 2 Fixated Adhesives
  • 4 Fixe Beauty Premium Lash Trays
  • Lash Laundry Lash Shampoo
  • The Breakup Remover Gel
  • The Engagement Primer
  • Two Sets of Premium Tweezers
  • Nanomister
  • Lash Tape
  • Lash Scissors
  • 50 Application Flocks
  • 25 Mascara Wands
  • 20 Gel Under Eye-pads
  • Silicone Lash Tile
  • Jade Stone Adhesive Palette
  • FIXE Beauty Cosmetic Bag
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