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Fixe Engagement Lash Primer 15ml

Fixe Engagement Lash Primer 15ml

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This is the essential first step to creating stunning and long-lasting eyelash extensions! Specially formulated to cleanse and prepare the natural lashes, this primer ensures optimal adhesion and maximum retention for your lash applications.


  • Perfect pH balance: The Engagement Primer is specifically formulated to balance the pH of the natural lash, bringing it to the ideal level for optimal adhesive performance. This allows for increased speed and retention in your lash applications.
  • Deep cleansing action: Our primer effectively removes excess oils, makeup, and residue, ensuring that the natural lashes are perfectly clean and ready for the extension application process.
  • Enhanced adhesion: By creating the ideal surface on the natural lash, The Engagement Primer allows the cyanoacrylate adhesive to bond more effectively, improving overall lash retention and reducing the risk of premature lash loss.
  • Easy to use: Simply apply a small amount of The Engagement Primer to a lint-free applicator and gently cleanse the client's natural lashes. Allow the primer to dry for a few seconds before beginning the lash extension application.
  • Safe and gentle: The Engagement Primer is designed to be gentle on the eyes, making it suitable for clients with sensitive skin or eyes.
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