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Fixe Beauty

Fixe LashPro 5G Beginner Training Course

Fixe LashPro 5G Beginner Training Course

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Brand New To lashing? Start here! Are you ready to go from Beginner to Lash Pro Certified? Take your courses completely online, from the comfort of your own home, and start your new career right away!

Introducing all 5 generations of Lash Training combined into one epic program designed to accelerate your learning and ignite your lash empire.

You will leave this program as a 3X certified Lash Pro who is confident, empowered, and ready to build a thriving lash business.

There is not other lash school that has taken all 5 must-have programs and combined them into the most powerful Lash Academy in the world.

  • Classic Lash Training & Certification - Start with the foundations of all things lashing, theory, health and safety, and design.
  • Volume/Hybrid Lash Training & Certification - Learn this advanced lash technique where yo will build custom fans with 2-8 extensions per fan.
  • Mega Volume Training & Certification - Create and master the boldest lashes the world has ever seen and keep your clients addicted to coming back for more!
  • Business and Branding - Think of this as the MBA of Lashing. You've learned the skills now it's time to build your empire!
  • Community - You shouldn't have to chase your dreams on your own. We're here every step of the way!

Who Is LashPro 5G For?:

  • Perfect if you have no experience in the beauty industry but are ready to learn something new and start a new career in this lucrative and exciting industry,
  • Perfect if you are a current beauty professional who have businesses already but are looking to add more services for the clients and more revenue.
  • Perfect if you are busy and are looking for ways to fit your learning in and around your life and schedules.
  • Perfect if you are wanting to go all in with your learning and are ready to invest in building your dream lash empire!


  • Set your own schedule
  • Become your own boss
  • Earn amazing money & love your job
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